Our E-Coin trading program is a decentralised key/value registration and exchange system based on cryptocurrency (e.g. Dogecoin, Litecoin, Bitcoin). It is a mining and trading system of cryptocurrency for authorised members. The system is created utilising the latest systems and allows you perform trades with pace. Besides that, we can also implement your additional specifications to adjust the trade to your own particular business circumstance.


Being a better buyer is all about viewing for what it is worth the world. That means finding opportunities in the particulars and digging deeper. And we are using the newest resources and technologies you should have a closer look with you.

  • Specialist E-Share trading Management Program.
  • e share-ability to control members e-wallet accounts recognised the 3-in-3 out trading performance, the program may immediately buy and market the E-share-based on 3-in-3 out a foundation.
  • Capacity to manually separate allotment of shares, the share, day of buying & capacity to change the share-price and restrict the time.
  • The E-discuss Management Program may automatic the character of the difficulty of E-discuss, greatly decrease the need for individual functions to decrease problems, the reward will likely be determined immediately from the machine.
  • Full performance for members e-wallet administration, the purchases & revenue record (Background) is clear to offer a trouble-free trading system.
  • By using reward computations machine that is an expert, the machine is guarded by top-notch firewall common and very guaranteed, the main city of people are reliable, highly-secured and simple to use & navigate the software.
  • A program that is guaranteed may advertise dependability, fast computations for a certain day calculations, computations that are immediate or your complicated payment program may be completed, the method may capable to instantly back-up for risk management objective.


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  • Multi-Level Marketing Software
  • e-Share Trading Platform
  • Crypto Currency (BitCoins)
  • Telegram Bot
  • MMM


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